Friday, June 11, 2010

Katie Turns Eight!

Blowing out her 8 candles.
"Is it present time yet?"
"Hmmm...what's in here?"
"Yeah! It's my birthday and I'm getting presents!"
Miss P singing "Happy Birthday" to Katie during her lunch time. JD and I brought her McDonald's and ate lunch with her that day. Fun!

Our little baby turned EIGHT! Wow. How time flies. For the longest time her name was Baby Kate with all our friends. Now she's just "Katie Bug." Lots of people call her that. It just fits. Here are a few pictures of her special day. She still has her friend party to hold, we are just waiting for the warmer weather. We love this little girl so much! NOTE: The pictures are really bad because our camera was dying at this moment. We have since had it repaired and better pictures are coming...

Jayceen's Wedding

Jayceen and Alex getting everyone lined up on the temple stairs for pictures.

The beautiful bride.

Our own family in front of the St. George Temple.

On May 15th, we joined JD's family in Utah for our niece's wedding in the St. George Temple. I actually went out a week early to help my sister-in-law with the reception food and last minute details. The Utah weather was beautiful and it was so nice to see Jayceen and her adorable husband become an eternal family! Congrats to them! Probably the nicest LDS reception I've ever been to with all their dramatic decorations. Kudos!

Katie's Art Project

Her drawing of an actual panda. Pretty good, huh?!

Please notice the attention to detail--can you say "ballet slippers?"

Just like Alexis and her Native American project, the second-graders also do an annual art project. This is where the kids make a paper mache puppet loosely based on an animal. They also have to do a report on the real-life habits of the animal. Each one of my kids did this and here is Katie's. It is called "Shark Bait Hoo Hoo Ha Ha--The Panda Bear."

Elementary School Spring Program

Katie and her favorite teacher of all time: Miss Palodichuk (Miss "P")
Twirling her ribbon to the music.
Post twirling...
Front and center and waiting for the program to start.

In late April, Katie had a school spring program where she performed musical numbers and dancing with her classmates. Always cute, here are a few photos. Although she's shy, at times she was pretty enthusiastic with her part!

Getting On The Bandwagon...again

Oh my goodness. Has it really been over two months since my last post? Arrgh. I'm terribly out of habit here! So much has gone on over the last few months that I will attempt to catch you all up on our antics. Bear with me!...