Friday, December 17, 2010

Buck the Dog's New Bed

"Hmmh. I really like my new bed, but I GUESS you can lay down with me, Pepper..."

"Umm. I thought you were going to leave, Pepper. Pepper? Pepper? Are you awake?..."

"Well, then I'm just going to have to scootch over this way until you wake up!..."

In an attempt to keep our sweet Labrador/Beagle mix furry child off the furniture, I have purchased him several soft and snuggly beds to place around the house, especially those places that we tend to congregate. I found a perfect red bed to match our red rec room and pulled it out for him. He immediately LOVED it and hunkered down for a little rest. Almost as soon as he did that, he had a bunkmate: His feline sister, Pepper. She squeezed in next to him and made herself at home. He tolerated her for some time before he eventually pushed her to the edge. Our furry children are just as funny as the hairless ones sometimes.