Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day video chat and awkward group hug for the WIN!

Hello Elder Troy followers!

We had a GREAT video chat with Elder Troy yesterday for Mother’s Day.  As you know, we are able to email him each week, but it’s the only day, except Christmas day, that we get to video chat, so it was pretty special!  We noticed his distinctive Texas “twang” this time and of course had to tease him about it.  He tells us nothing compares to his wonderful bishop and his accent.  

He filled us in on all that was happening with him, his companion, their investigators as well as things in the local area and mission.  For those of you following his letters closely, you know that they have had quite a few problems with their crazy, violent neighbors.  We are happy to report that the neighbors are now gone (possibly in jail) and the missionaries have been moved to another area of the complex.  Hurray!  

Elder Troy says it is VERY hot with high humidity right now and that makes for sweaty, sticky days.  He does NOT love this.  Although the people are wonderful, he is not a fan of the big city and pollution.  He really hopes to get back to the small towns and farms at some point.  He bore a beautiful testimony to us about the Book of Mormon and even taught us before we were able to have family prayer together and an awkward but necessary group hug with the computer screen and rest of the family (mom always insists on this).  

Below is the short message we got for you today.  From today’s pictures, it looks like he visited some kind of an animal refuge recently.

We are so grateful for the tender mercy of seeing our son and how happy he is to be a missionary for Jesus Christ right now.  Please continue to pray for him.  He feels your love and prayers.

We appreciate and love you all!

JD & Terri


Howdy Y’All!

Finally moving today, so not much time to write. We did get to go to the Safari in Franklin, which was cool, and the first big p-day activity of this area.

Love Y’all!

Elder Derek Troy

Thursday, May 10, 2018

6 Months to (First name, Home, Sexy)

Well, today I have precisely 6 months left on my mission. I’ve been reflecting on that.

Those six months will bring some big changes. I won’t hold the title of Elder anymore. I’ll be Derek again.

I’ll be going ‘home’ then too. But what does that mean? I haven’t lived in Longview in almost four years by then.

It also means I have six months left to really get in shape to go home! I‘ve not gained a lot of weight or anything, but I’d like to go home in excellent fitness. In mission jargon, this period is called “six months to sexy.”

I’m sure that these six months will continue to roll faster and faster. It kinda feels like time is getting away from me in a way! I still have a lot I would like to achieve and accomplish.



Rudy is still doing awesome. His family fed him some weak anti but it didn’t seem to rattle him at all. He’s excited for his baptism and invited the stake president to come this week haha. His main fellowshipper will apparently be flying down from UT to baptize him.

The three other dates we had have faded out :/ but we’re still trying.


Hope y’all have a great week!

Elder Derek Troy

Monday, April 23, 2018

Gator hunting and the CS Police

Hello All!

This week in College Station...

Rudy accepted a baptismal date! And fed us dessert at a fancy restaurant! Win-Win!

Karla has been AWOL forso long that we’re dropping her date :(

Some members in our ward sent us on a wild goose-chase to find a family of North-Korean defectors with rock solid testimonies of Christ that they met at A&M. Unfortunately, though we tracked out the entire complex that they purportedly lived in over the course of a week, we did not find them. However! We  did find a wonderful Chinese family to teach. They speak very little english (though they’re proud of what they know) but we used google translate and the new mobile internet hotspot that the church gave us to set a return appointment to teach their family! And here’s the cool part: The member couple that asked us to look for the North Korean family both served Chinese speaking missions. They came to the first lesson and now the family (the Wong family) is coming along just beautifully.

So the adventures with the apartment continue...

Last night was a flipping nightmare. Our loud neighbors finally had the cops called on them for some violent situations. I don’t think anybody ended up getting arrested for assault but at least there was a citation for marijuana! I’m really hoping we can push the leasing office to evict them now, because that’s grounds to terminate their lease. 🙃

Somehow Elder Pinster has a spiritual gift (not kidding) where he can tune it all out and sleep straight through it. Lucky.

We also went gator hunting where we were supposed to be able to find some. We saw a water-moccasin and a big (2+ ft) fish but no gators.

Have a great week Y’all!

Elder Derek Troy

"Grimes County white trash KEEP OUT!" (Grimes is a neighboring county to Brazos County, where they live) 

Houston oil fields

Showing off his cool cowboy boots.

It's tough, but at least I haven't been stoned...

Hello all!

We’re doing well here. 

We have two baptismal dates (the Naha family) that should have been baptized last week, but they just aren’t ‘getting it’ and don’t feel ready. They’ve declined to set a new date for the future thus far.

We also still have one date named Karla. We’re trying hard with her but her family has been very busy lately.

We did get back in with a new investigator named Kim who we’re excited to work with. She investigated the church a few years ago in California or Oklahoma. In the last 10 years she’s been divorced, had one infant die in a car accident, one child have a traumatic brain injury that left him paralyzed (he’s in a care facility) and her last child while healthy is struggling with her Mom.

Elder Pinster is growing all the time. His studies, finding, and teaching are all improving constantly.

As for myself, I’ll be honest, I hate College Station. This city is a nightmare. There are many nice people here but many rude ones too. All of the challenges here are compounded to make this the toughest area of my mission, though we’ve also been pretty successful here so far.

Our neighbors may be the worst part of this area, but that’s a whole other story, haha.

I guess Stephen didn’t enjoy getting stoned though either haha, so I’ll just keep my head up and do the job I’m assigned! I’m here for a reason.

Be safe and have fun y’all!

Elder Derek Troy

Helping at a Houston food bank.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hammock Tricks

Hello all!

Elder Pinster and I are keeping our heads up and plowing through. These last six weeks have FLOWN by (for me at least!)

We had a cool experience this week. I like to surprise Elder Pinster with responsibility (keeps him on his toes! Not that he needs it) and this week he chose where we went finding and was in charge of . After 20 or so doors and no answers, we knocked into De’Andre.

We knocked into De’Andre on a Wednesday, and his sister had just died on Saturday. He had been crying and praying for three days, waiting for a sign.

I couldn’t be prouder of Elder Pinster. He did a great job. He taught him the doctrine and shared scriptures to help De’Andre feel peace.

Elder Pinster is super excited about him. I’ve seen so many miracles like this that didn’t turn out… My expectations just aren’t super high. But my green companion has never been disappointed, and he has tons of faith! So we’re going to keep on working hard.

This P-Day I tried an idea from a friend (Shout-Out to Kelleen!) That I used to tease her for: home-made bedsheets hammocking! See the attached video for hammock tricks.

I hope everyone at home is having a great week and stayed warmer than we did. Our weather dropped 40 degrees into the mid 40’s this week! It’s better now though.

Be safe! Have fun!

Elder Derek Troy

Lunch with Mission President Peterson

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Short Message from Elder Troy

We actually didn’t have a family for Easter. It was the only day this
month we didn’t have a family signed up. But somebody (not a member)
gave us some chicken and steaks so we marinated and grilled those. It
was pretty good!

Love y’all! Hope you’re having a great week.

Elder Derek Troy

Couple of NW born and raised boys in the heart of Texas now. (his companion is from the Portland area as well)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Washing machine woes...

Hello All!

No time to email today, my washing machine destroyed every piece of white clothing I own. About to run out and buy it all. That’s what P-day is for, I guess! Have a great week, love Y’all!

Talk to you next week!

Look at this lady we met! She paints like crazy! Thousands of them! We’re going back to help her organize them.

Elder Troy