Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

The biggest snowball in America by the world's smallest girl.

"Huh? Snow? Who'd thunk?!"

Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Glitz and snow.

Video game heroes.

Again?! REALLY? We were enjoying an afternoon with cousin David visiting after his dentist appointment playing games, shooting pool, etc. Imagine our surprise to see snow and a LOT of it coming down. We ended up with about an inch and it was gone by the morning, but we had fun while it lasted!

Christmas 2009

Grandpa feeding the baby panda Katie got for Christmas. His friend Marge looks on.
Our hostess Auntie Lynne telling us when/where/how we will celebrate.
My, what a pretty new scarf!
Dad gets beautiful snowflakes.
Hey! Someone excited about a pellet gun.
The newest Air Jordan's for Air Evan.
The playdoh hamburger maker!!! Thanks, Oma & Opa!
Yeah for me!!

This Christmas was MUCH better than last year's. At this time 12 months ago, we were snowed in with over 12" of powder and the power went out. Seems like it might be fun since we played board games by candlelight and had a wonderful dinner planned. Unfortunately, December is very COLD and after a few hours, we bundled in blankets and sweaters as we contemplated how to cook dinner. BBQ? Open fire?

No snow this year and later in the afternoon we headed to Seattle to have dinner with Terri's family. As you can see, everyone really enjoyed the day and all the gifts. We drove up the trailer and spent the night there so we could enjoy waffles with the Hills.

We are so thankful for our blessings of a wonderful family and the birth of our Savior. We hope your Christmas was as great as ours was!

Winter Sports

Evan on defense in Portland tourney.

Derek (in red) gets ready to grapple at a local wrestling tourney.

Things are getting complicated around here. Our family is currently involved in FOUR sports! Derek is in wrestling with the high school, Evan is playing tournament basketball, Alexis is playing indoor soccer and Katie is swimming. AARRGGH! How do we do it? We love every minute of watching these kids, but it boggles the mind to figure out how we make it to EVERY game and match. Katie and Alexis pix to come later...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More furry issues

Pepper perched for the poach on the porch
(notice all the wet footprints leading up to this moment?)
"Must reach..."
"I'll get YOU, my pretty!..."

If it weren't bad enough that this adorable cat that we LOVE brings in live snakes and other creatures in various modes of life as tributes of her love for us, now she has done the unthinkable. We have been happy to see a frequent dead mouse placed lovingly at the entrance to our house by Pepper. One, she is keeping anything that might want to come near the house from doing so and two, she is terrifying the neighboring forest animals with her wrath. Both equal one thing for me: No mice near me--EVER. Love that. But tonight she was unable to kill her prey in the 100 Acre Woods and then bring it to me. She must have brought it back prematurely, because she inadvertently chased the creature to my back porch. I came in the other night to find Pepper keeping vigil at the wall. Imagine my surprise to see a field mouse clinging for its life trying to escape death. I don't know HOW it hung on (several times it slipped and seemed it would plunge to its death, but it held on). I cheered Pepper on with, "Reach higher! You're not trying...Kill IT!!!" but she just wasn't able to reach it. Finally, I pushed it off the wall with a broom and Pepper happily chased it and batted it around until it met it's maker. Love that cat.

Evan's new bike

Watch out, Buck!

My sister Lynne got Evan a screamin' deal on this Redline bike (I guess they are pretty cool?). Evan saved up his own money and finally was rewarded with the Blue Bomber. Unfortunately, by the time he got the money together, the weather is now cold and rainy. He decided to try it out in the rec room instead. Actually, he's been riding it every day after school and has plans to troll around Longview with his buddies soon. Thank you, Auntie Lynne!

Thanksgiving 2009

Just one more for the road...
Alexis & Oma snuggle up
Opa has clearly been affected by the tryptophan in the turkey
Derek and Grandpa (and Pepper) "working off" their meal
David, Katie & Uncle Todd
JD with eyes only for the cook

With Lynne and Dave in Mexico with Dave and Jackie, Thanksgiving traveled south to our house this year. We were so happy to have JD's parents, Donna and Pete (Oma & Opa) here with most of Terri's family from the Seattle area (Auntie Lisa had plans with her boyfriend's family). Lots of turkey and pie for all! Gobble, gobble!

More Alexis Celebrations

Auntie Lynne picked out SUCH a cute cake!
The Troy girls squeeze in for a photo
JD & Uncle Todd ponder the menu
The Hills (Uncle Dave, David, Jackie & Dave--lots-o-Daves!)
Grandpa & Auntie Lynne
Todd, Evan, Derek & Auntie Lisa

A few weeks after Alexis' friend birthday, Terri's side of the family all got together in Tacoma's Spaghetti Factory to give one more celebration. Grandpa Rock, Auntie Lynne and Uncle Dave (with a surprise visit from cousin David!), Auntie Lisa, Uncle Todd and Jackie and Dave all came to wish Alexis a happy birthday. How many more parties does this kid need?! Really fun to get everyone together for a meal none of us had to prepare! Thanks for making time for Alexis!