Monday, February 22, 2010

Poster Winner!

Alexis entered the Jump Rope For Heart poster contest at school again this year. Last year she won the grand prize and we were very excited for her as that isn't going to happy often, right? We oohed and aahed over this year's creation (as much as last year's) but tried carefully to prepare her for the chance that it was not a Repeat Year since even more kids will enter this year. Since it is a blind contest (no names on the posters), she felt like she could win it all again. Well, color us surprised when she won the grand prize AGAIN this year! As you can see, it is thick with acrylic paints and glitter. Worthy of recognition and praise. Good job, Alexis! The principal announced her as the Grand Prize winner and she got to come to the school office to claim her prize (some kind of a tennis game).

(On a side note, Katie forgot the due date for the poster and did not get one finished in time to enter the contest. Although happy for her sister, she was green with envy. Oh, those life lessons are tough!)

Worst Day E V E R!!!!!

Today was literally the worst day of my life. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I'm slightly serious...

I was working downstairs and I heard Katie scream in the kitchen. I jumped up and asked her what was wrong. She said I wouldn't believe it, but it was "really bad, Mom." That's never good. I again asked what was wrong and she said the cat had brought in a mouse--ALIVE! Arrgh! I went up the stairs and saw Pepper playing with at the top of the stairs. We all know that I am TERRIFIED of mice and something happens to me when I get scared that is disturbing--I completely freak out. I start screaming, crying and hyperventilating. It's super bad. I yelled at the cat to take it outside and she promptly batted it down the stairs! The mouse was jumping and trying to get away from her and all the while headed down to ME at the bottom of the stairs.

Eventually it came to a stop about half-way up/down the stairs and balled itself up. The girls were screaming, I was screaming and Pepper just seemed to take in all the excitement as though we were loudly thanking her (repeatedly) for the wonderful "gift." I grabbed the vacuum and thought I'd suck up The Beast with the hose. No. The Beast was too FAT! The girls threw me the broom and I thought about stabbing it, but what if it charged me and I missed it?!

There were far too many variables for me to take this impossible task on alone. I told the girls to summon the next door neighbor. He was able to kill something, I knew. They quickly went across the street and brought him over. I was already a basket case and little to no help for this sweet man. He asked (and eventually got himself) some paper towels to grab the vermin. Just as he was reaching for it, the Beast ran down the stairs--RIGHT TOWARDS ME!!!! I tried to hit it with the broom, but to no avail. (Okay, you know that dream that you have sometimes where you are being chased, but can't run away? Your legs don't work? You want to run, you will your legs to run, but yet nothing happens? That was me with the broom!)

The Beast quickly darted into the guest room and ran under the bed. My neighbor began throwing the guest bed and furniture to the side looking for the Beast. It had disappeared. Not wanting it to leave, I locked my neighbor in the guest room and blocked off the door. Soon he called for "something sharp." A KNIFE! I ran to the kitchen and quickly decided which knife I was NEVER going to use again after this day. Just as I approached the guest room door, my neighbor emerged carrying a plastic bag. No need for the knife, he stabbed it with the broom. Did I mention he is my favorite neighbor--EVER?! He is, now.

After he left, I contemplated various methods of decompression and finally decided on shopping. I ran out and got dinner fixings. After I started making dinner, I thought I should put the guest room back together. About that time JD came home and was helping me put the mattress back on the bed. There was something dark in the corner. JD picked it up. He said, "It's not a mouse. It's a petrified frog." WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN MY HOME?! I put my head down on the mattress and looked up at JD. "Really? Really?! Are you freaking KIDDING me?" Just as I said that, my eye began to twitch--ever so slightly. JD knew that I was going to lose it. I'm still not sure I won't...

(by the way, The Beast did not look that cute...)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dance Festival 2010

This year, our church is participating in a huge dance festival. It will involve nearly 2,000 youth ages 12-18 from two states and 7 church stakes (kind of like Catholic archdioceses). Last week we went down to the Portland area for the Kick-Off where all the kids came together in a huge arena. It was incredibly LOUD and we loved it! It was like a rock concert in that place.

The youth are divided by ages and then taught a dance that they practice for the next six months in their individual area. In June, we will all get together again for a group practice and the final performance will be in a Portland-area stadium.

Honestly, at first our boys were NOT interested in dancing. Because Evan is only 12, he will perform with all boys and they are doing a kickboxing routine to the song, "Eye of the Tiger." Very cool though he hasn't quite warmed up to the idea yet. Derek is old enough to dance with girls, so he is learning a swing dance. Not sure he knows that there is a "lift" of the girl yet. We'll let him find that out. Several girls have requested Derek for their dance partner, but he's not too worried about it. He's comfortable with most of them, so it is just for fun. One girl continues to come up to me trying to campaign for her spot with him. Very funny.

Derek is especially excited for another event this month where all the kids will just get together for a dance with a D.J. down at the fairgrounds. He says that will be a "Babe Fest." Hmm.

Lil' Ball-O-Fire

At the free-throw line where she connected with 1 of out 2. Scored!

Lining the kids to be matched up to the other team. Katie is #1 with
ridiculously long basketball shorts. She refuses to wear soccer shorts.
Hoop shorts only because Evan says it's the WAY it is done.

Not to be outdone by her older siblings, little Katie (7) is playing basketball too. As you can see, she is the shortest one on her co-ed YMCA team. It is absolute chaos and it drives Katie crazy. She has watched enough basketball to know how it is played. What we can't figure out is where her twisted aggression comes from. Troys are competitive, you say? Yes, definitely. But Katie has a whole different level of competitiveness. She is the fastest kid on the team by miles too. Now if we can just harness that energy for good...


Looking to pass...

Going to drive down the middle instead.
Just got fouled on his way up to the basket. Poked in the eye!

Two freethrows--two points!

Here are a few pictures of Evan and one of his last games. He's playing both middle school and tournament ball. This one is his school. He had about 16 points and played awesome. He LOVES basketball. Of course, until baseball starts next month and then he LOVES baseball. Of course, until football, etc...well, you get my drift. He loves everything while in the moment.

Although we are still fighting his new allergies and newfound asthma, so we are hoping he continues to be able to do all the things he enjoys. Evan would cease to exist without his sports.

Evan + Ball = True Love