Monday, February 1, 2010

Dance Festival 2010

This year, our church is participating in a huge dance festival. It will involve nearly 2,000 youth ages 12-18 from two states and 7 church stakes (kind of like Catholic archdioceses). Last week we went down to the Portland area for the Kick-Off where all the kids came together in a huge arena. It was incredibly LOUD and we loved it! It was like a rock concert in that place.

The youth are divided by ages and then taught a dance that they practice for the next six months in their individual area. In June, we will all get together again for a group practice and the final performance will be in a Portland-area stadium.

Honestly, at first our boys were NOT interested in dancing. Because Evan is only 12, he will perform with all boys and they are doing a kickboxing routine to the song, "Eye of the Tiger." Very cool though he hasn't quite warmed up to the idea yet. Derek is old enough to dance with girls, so he is learning a swing dance. Not sure he knows that there is a "lift" of the girl yet. We'll let him find that out. Several girls have requested Derek for their dance partner, but he's not too worried about it. He's comfortable with most of them, so it is just for fun. One girl continues to come up to me trying to campaign for her spot with him. Very funny.

Derek is especially excited for another event this month where all the kids will just get together for a dance with a D.J. down at the fairgrounds. He says that will be a "Babe Fest." Hmm.


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun! And Derek doing swing dancing, way cool! I remember my very good friend Terri having some moves of her own back in the day...maybe you could teach a clinic yourself?! Love you!

  2. Unfortunately, we are not teaching the kids the ever-popular "Ol' White Guuurrl" dance at this festival. Had we done it, I'd be leading the charge! Bust a move!!

  3. How Fun! Ashley just went to her first stake dance last Saturday night and I was so happy that she came home tired because she had danced so much!
    Speaking of "Terri dances"---Joe and I still talk about you doing your HAPPY DANCE on Downington!