Monday, February 22, 2010

Poster Winner!

Alexis entered the Jump Rope For Heart poster contest at school again this year. Last year she won the grand prize and we were very excited for her as that isn't going to happy often, right? We oohed and aahed over this year's creation (as much as last year's) but tried carefully to prepare her for the chance that it was not a Repeat Year since even more kids will enter this year. Since it is a blind contest (no names on the posters), she felt like she could win it all again. Well, color us surprised when she won the grand prize AGAIN this year! As you can see, it is thick with acrylic paints and glitter. Worthy of recognition and praise. Good job, Alexis! The principal announced her as the Grand Prize winner and she got to come to the school office to claim her prize (some kind of a tennis game).

(On a side note, Katie forgot the due date for the poster and did not get one finished in time to enter the contest. Although happy for her sister, she was green with envy. Oh, those life lessons are tough!)

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