Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Derek Turns 15

Our Birthday Boy--the big 1 - 5!

Cool new shades for the slopes. Might want to remove the tag though...
All the Troy rug-rats.
Buck is just happy to be invited to the party!

My baby is growing up! Last night we celebrated Derek's 15th birthday with a few presents and cake. He'll have other celebrations in the coming weeks with his friends and other family members, but this one was just for us. His favorite presents were a black lab calendar from his dog, Buck, with Buck's birthday circled on the calendar and the snowboarding trip from Mom and Dad. Oma took him out for his birthday this weekend, and that was really special to him too. Also announced was his Driver's Education class he will be taking in April (no longer done in the schools, shoot!) As you can see, he isn't a little boy anymore. He can eat his weight in food, has to shave daily now and will be getting behind the wheel of a car, so times are a'changin! All in all, he is just a great, solid kid and a pretty darned nice person too. We are proud to have him in our family. We love you, Derek!


  1. Woooo! Happy Birthday Derek! but really, 15 already!? haha Terri love your blog so fun to see all you Tales!!! xoxo

  2. What a STUD! IT's crazy how time flies! I remember when he was born! Here's to great kids!