Friday, March 5, 2010

ColdStone & Katie

Katie politely reminded me last night that we never did anything special for her December report card. Her report card was all top scores and at our parents conference, the teacher said, "I don't have anything to talk about. She's perfect. Absolutely perfect. How's everything else going for the Troys?" That was the extent of our conference about her report card. We met with her privately, as we do all the kids, and told her about her marks. We said she could pick anything she wanted to do with us to celebrate.

Anyway, sometimes not remembering to celebrate a report card happens to the youngest of four. Not fair, but it happens. I always feel terrible and certain that I am setting her up for a lifetime of therapy due to my neglect when something like this is forgotten.

I apologized and asked her what she'd like to do. At the time we were driving her to basketball practice, so she suggested I take her to ColdStone for ice cream when she was finished. Sounded good to me! We were enjoying our treat later on and I said I'd like to take a quick picture of her with my cell phone since she looked so sweet sitting there nursing her chocolate ice cream with gummy bears and chatting with me. She agreed and then said, "Let me get ready though..." I thought she'd fix her hair or work on her nicest smile. Intead, she quickly smeared her mouth with chocolate ice cream. Ahh. She's a Troy Cheeseball, through and through.

I just love a little Mommy and Me time with my Katie Bug. I hope she gets a great report card again so I get an instant replay of these moments alone with her.

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