Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of another season

Alexis with a best buddy, Sarah. They just need a redhead to complete their Charlie's Angels.
Here is most of the team for a group shot. All sweet girls.

For the past three years I have coached Alexis' YMCA basketball team. Last year was wonderful because they no longer were co-ed. Girls rule, boys drool, etc. I've had the same core group of kids with a few changes every year. Alexis is a great player and has a lot of intensity for someone her age. We all get a kick out of watching her get all amped up over a rebound. We're working on her shot, but she's got defense down to a science. The team met at Dairy Queen for a treat and trophies. Next year I'll take on Katie's team since they will be girls-only next year. Katie is quite the player too and is definitely a strong guard.

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