Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alexis' 10th Birthday

Head Diva
All the girls at the "Academy Awards."
Alexis' yummy cupcake.
"Preteens?" *yawn* "Borrrrring..."
"HOW many girls are coming over?!"

Originally postponed due the swine flu outbreak by her brother, Derek, Alexis was now ready to have her 10th birthday party with all her friends. The girls had nachos, decorated giant cupcakes (thanks, Oma!), made movies and had an Academy Awards show where everyone won something (Alexis won "Best Makeup Artist"). Later we did manicures on all the kids and watched a movie. The next morning was Super Waffles. They stayed up too late, but seemed to have a great time and with nine girls--amazingly--there was NO FIGHTING! Love you, Alexis!!

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