Monday, March 6, 2017

Perfected the "Soul Shake?"

Hello Family and Friends!

Here is the latest letter from Elder Troy.  He seems happy and busy!

If you’d like to email him, he can check that on Mondays:

Thanks for your continued love and support of our son.  We appreciate you all!

JD & Terri


Hey Ya’ll! 

I’m having a blast down here in Westfield, and getting a ton of work done!

What is the preoccupation down here with what race Jesus was? I’m pretty sure that if I had a dollar for every time someone told me Jesus had “wooly" hair (Even though Daniel is talking about Adam—Daniel 7:9),  I would have the 10k a mission costs in 2 years. On the bright side, I’ve perfected the soul shake! 

One of our investigators, who I’ll call “Darren", is having a pretty rough time right now. He’s a former Alcoholic who's struggling now to quit. We noticed he had the spirit less strongly the last couple of days, and found out he's been binge drinking. We have to postpone his date until he’s recovering. We had a great, spiritual lesson though, and he really wants to change his life!

This last week we set some LOFTY goals as a companionship, because we were asked to lead the zone by example, since our zone leaders are getting a little bit lackadaisical. We shot for 4 investigators at church and 10 new investigators this week - pretty high goals for our region! We fasted and prayed but it looked like we were going to goose-egg church, and come up 4 short for investigators. As we were sitting there, Darren walks in with his fellowshipper. We couldn’t believe it! Darren was supposed to be detoxing aft
er a full day of bingeing! Then a family walked in 20 minutes late who we had been teaching, the Alfonsos. 4 at church baby! Yee-Haw!  But we still needed to find four people in one night, so we went on splits. My companionship found someone almost instantly, but the second investigator took a bit longer. After a few near-misses, somebody finally just slammed a door on us without saying a word. So we decided to say a prayer. After praying we found a man named Raymond at the very next door we knocked. We taught him the first half of the Plan of Salvation and he was sad to see us go. We hit our 10 that night and the priests (16 year old boys) had a great spiritual experience coming out with us.

This week at a dinner I also had a Polynesian tell me I look skinny but don’t eat skinny, which is the biggest compliment they can pay.

I hope everyone is doing well in WA, UT, and beyond! Much love to you all from Houston, and thank you for all of your birthday wishes!

Elder Derek Troy

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