Monday, May 29, 2017

Rough Week

Hey Y'all!

This week, we had the toughest time finding we've seen this transfer.
People were rude, doors were slammed, and entire streets were
apparently empty. We found 1 person on Monday and then had radio
silence all week.Nobody talked to us, we had a british guy call us
nutters, and never got close all week. On Sunday night as we drove
home, we both felt prompted to stop and talk to somebody who was
smoking by his car. He became the second investigator for the week. I
hope the rest of this transfer never goes so rough again, but I'm
grateful for the person we were led to. I think we just passed the
total finding for last transfer this week as well, so I'm glad Oak
Ridge is improving at least! That means that in 3 weeks we've passed
what was done last transfer in 6!

This week we also had a single mother of 5 kids tell us the only thing
she needed to come to church was a ride, since her car wasn't working.
We found a ride and her kids were excited to come, but she went
grocery shopping (supposedly) instead. It's tough because her kids
want to progress but she's not willing to make even a tiny effort!

The guy we found at the beginning of the week's name is Jeremy. He's
been raised Catholic and had a baby die in an emergency C-section a
few years ago. Confused by the doctrine of purgatory (taught by
catholics) he seemed emotional and relieved by the truth taught by
Christ's restored church.

Hope everyone is doing well at home! Be safe and have an adventure for
those of us who can't!

Elder Derek Troy

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