Monday, September 11, 2017

Rallying around one another

Hey Y’all! 

It was another big week here in Texas. Much of the week was spent helping people with their houses (I took the time to take a couple of pictures personally this week that I think do justice to the scale of the disaster) and we also had a big event!

People are really rallying around each other here now. All differences - race, income, language - are set aside for now. Flags are flying on every street in solidarity. It’s really very moving to see huge flags waving over piles of debris 8 ft or higher. I imagine it’s a bit like what Francis Scott Key felt like.

We can drive through 95% of our area now. The water has generally receded.

This week “C" was baptized. It’s awesome to see some fruits for our labors! She has been super easy to work with. She has such a sweet spirit, and loves us and loves the gospel. Her baptism was super interesting haha. She has Multiple Sclerosis so some adjustments had to be made. She legit thought she was going to drown at one point hahaha.

We also saw a funny sign today for a Chinese Shool while driving!

God bless from Houston TX!

Elder Derek Troy

The product from “mucking” a home out.  
For the most part, the waters are beginning to recede in most areas.  Yay!
It was like this block after block. A big double trailer garbage truck with a claw comes by and grabs everything.

Mountains and mountains of debris line nearly every street in Houston.  A woman searches for a place to pile more garbage.

A member of the ward, Elder Labbee and Elder Troy with “C” at her baptism.
P-Day shenanigans.  Barely got up in time for the photo timer!


The school may need a bit more practice before it teaches others!

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