Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanksgiving and visit?

CAUTION!  Gross pictures ahead.  I’m not sending the hospital videos he sent.  Look at your own risk…


Friends and Family,

No email from Elder Troy this week, just lots of pictures and videos.  

As you may have heard, we got a phone call on Thanksgiving morning from a member of the Church that he had taken Elder Troy to the hospital (yes, REALLY!).  Apparently, he and his companion Elder Simmons were playing touch football with some investigators and a few young men from church.  Unfortunately, the “touch” football went awry and his chin met another player’s head.  A complete accident.  A large gash was the result and he needed a few stitches to fix it.  Stitches done and a nice bandage later and he’s good to go to Thanksgiving dinner!

Last we heard he may have been transferred, so we do not know his new apartment address yet.  We will have more information when he emails this coming Monday.

Many of you have asked where and what to send to Elder Troy for Christmas.  He doesn’t need candy, ties or socks.  He told me to tell everyone that he’d LOVE personal letters and pictures from you all.  They are the best gifts you could send!  (If you just REALLY want to send something, gift cards to Walmart for laundry soap are most appreciated!)

The address to send any letters or packages is the mission home:

Elder Derek Allen Troy
Texas Houston Mission
16623 Hafer Rd.
Houston, TX  77090-4401

Thank you for your love and prayers for our son.  We appreciate you all so much!


JD & Terri

Post-injury at the Thanksgiving Bowl.  He’s already holding a towel over his chin.

Waiting to be seen.

Companion through thick and thin!  

Ewww.  Stitched up!

Later at a member’s home for Thanksgiving prep.

Those aprons are pretty cute!

Eating their hard work.

At another member’s home this week.

Parking garage somewhere in Cypress, TX.

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