Thursday, February 15, 2018

A looooong week of meetings...

Hey Y'all, It's been a LONG week. I'm wore out! We've had lots of meetings, and we'll have a BUNCH more tomorrow - like, 4 hours worth. I'm beginning to feel like meetings are Satan's way of making us feel organized when we're not?


Kaylyn is still doing well, though it has been a struggle meeting around her busy schedule! She is still on track for baptism on the 24th. We're looking to increase the number of contact events she has with branch members without the missionaries, so that she feels a part of the branch. We're working to get her more involved in the Young Women's program!


Jason is doing well, and we expect to see him at church again on Sunday. We've been a little pushy with baptism with him lately, but we're excited to do some family history with him and help him feel the spirit of Elijah!


Aaron is not doing too hot. He slept in on Sunday and missed an appointment with us earlier this week - so it's time to assess his desires and determination to accomplish them. We're still trying though! We feel the Lord's love for him and will try to help Aaron to feel it too.


Elder Pacheco has been fired up lately! It's been great, since I've been dragging all week. We're still working hard, teaching a fair bit, and have baptisms lined up! Wish us luck!

Elder Derek Troy

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