Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alexis and "Pennies for Peace" Fundraiser

Alexis (in the black and white stripes on the end) being presented to the Longview School Board by her principal, Mr. Opgrande.

Alexis and the rest of the girls from her school involved in the fundraiser with the school board, superintendent and their principal.

Alexis and one of her best buddies, Sarah, wait for the board meeting to start.

In January, Alexis' school principal asked her and some other girls from her school to help head up a fundraiser called "Pennies for Peace." It is a program where children in the USA raise money in penny drives and send it to Pakistan where they build schools for girls. Alexis was really into this and did lots of the legwork to make it happen. They raised over $1,600.00!

On Valentine's Day (hence why JD and I had to have lunch that day) night, the Longview School Board met and asked the girls involved to be presented for recognition and lead the flag salute. She was nervous, but excited. We spent A LOT of time making her hair into big ringlets for the meeting.

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