Monday, April 10, 2017

Car crashes and General Conference

Hey Ya'll! This week was packed with craziness. Car crashes and
general conference included!

First: The crash

Elder Mattson and I were in a lower income apartment complex called
"The Palms" early this week. This place is awful. Trash everywhere, a
dead cat sat in the parking lot all day before someone from management
finally got it, etc. We even had somebody tell us after we knocked on
his door "y'all are either Jehova's witnesses or some brave Mo-Fo's to
be knocking around here at night" which I guess means we're pretty
brave or something.

We were there for an appointment (who bailed) and were leaving around
11:00 in the morning. I was standing in the parking lot, backing Elder
Mattson out of his parking spot when I hear someone mat the gas pedal
50 yards or so down the parking lot. The driver then plows through
someone's back porch and slams into an apartment.

I grabbed Elder Mattson and we jogged over to go see if anyone needed
help. As we are going to the SUV, a guy paces past us, very angry,
muttering "now they're going to HAVE to get me a new apartment" as he
heads into the leasing office. Our first assumption was that he was
the driver and a disgruntled tenant. We walked into the wreckage and
checked the car for passengers though and found that the unconscious
driver and sentient passenger were still in the car.

The passenger informed us that they were okay, but his friend (the
driver) had a seizure. Just then the driver regains consciousness and
panics, flailing his arms and twisting his torso erratically, not yet
recovered from the trauma of the seizure. The passenger then begins
complaining that it is too hot in the wrecked car, and he needs to get
out or he will have a heart attack.

We help them out of the car and a whole fleet of tow trucks enter the
complex. There were probably four tow trucks at the scene before there
was ever an ambulance. The medical personnel were the least personal
and professional I have ever seen. The tow trucks were circling like a
pack of sharks. We were asked to stick around as witnesses, but ended
up not needing to give a statement.

The whole thing was a nightmare. I even ruined one of my last good
shirts with Mr Brown's (the driver) blood.

General conference though was awesome! We got to watch it with a
couple of our investigators, Damion and Dede, as well as a recent
convert family, the Morsons. I especially liked the talks by Dale G
Renlund and Gary E Stevenson. I'm excited for the transcripts! I'm
focusing on developing more Love and Charity, and this conference had
talks on that topic in spades!

We had to drop our investigator with a date, 'Darren'. After a couple
of weeks of trying, we couldn't get ahold of him, or speak with anyone
who lives in his house. He could have moved to Arizona, he could be
homeless, who knows. I really connected with Darren, and wherever he
is, I hope he's happy and safe.

We're teaching a family (the Taylors, who we watched conference with)
a younger unmarried couple, and a few singles. It feels good to
finally have people progressing as I pass my 5 month mark.

Hope everyone is well in WA state, St. George, and elsewhere. Don't
forget to share the gospel!

Elder Derek Troy

Quick district pic

Ambulance selfie

The new "drive through" at The Palms apartment complex.

Blood?  Bleh.

Almost didn't recognize Elder Troy without his glasses and with bronzed skin.  (he's in the middle)

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