Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Camping

Team sand castle building!
Buck the Dog enjoying a good roll in the sand. He is NOT getting in the car!
JD, Derek, Evan and Buck the Dog after their second 10 mile hike this weekend.
After building sand castles, the girls ran into the water chasing seagulls.
Alexis had time to build a card house while we waited for sunshine.
Alexis and Katie working on their dance in the trailer.
JD showing us he still has the "stuff" for a pro quarterback!

We stole away for our last vacation of the summer over Labor Day weekend. The kids really wanted to go camping, so we headed up to Rainbow Falls State Park near Chehalis. The campground was small, but well kept. We met lots of new people and even started up a campground touch football game. JD, Alexis and the boys jumped right in and had a ball. Katie and I were on cheerleading and photography patrol. The first day the weather was cool, but dry. Derek and Evan went fishing every day and caught lots of little sucker fish. The second day was MISERABLE and we spent the entire day in the camper watching movies. Convinced we weren't going to do this on our last day, we packed up and headed to the beach to meet some friends. Unfortunately, we couldn't find them, but we did find lots of sunshine since it was in the mid 70s! Had a great time but had to come home sometime!

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