Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mighty Huntress

Serpent in question.
"What did I do?"
Alexis=the brave one.
Pepper watching her gift trying to escape.
"Here you go!"

Today our sweet little cat, Pepper, presented us with yet ANOTHER (previous "gifts" include dead moles, mice and mostly dead birds) token of her affection for us. Imagine my shock, horror, terror, etc. to see Pepper run in the house when the girls got home with a little SNAKE in her mouth. I thought it was dead, but it was very much alive as it slithered across my kitchen floor with Pepper right behind it. The girls and I were not happy with this visitor and screamed every time it moved. Pepper was very proud of herself and gave us this look of, "Here. Do you LOVE it?!" I think our screams were confirmation that her gift was well-received. Alexis mustered up the courage (Katie and I weren't getting near it) to pick it up with a sandwich bag and release it outside. She's our little Crocodile Hunter. Where are those BOYS when you need them? On second thought, if they were around they'd probably chase us all over the house with it...

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