Friday, November 19, 2010

Blankets for the hospital

Alexis and Katie with friends Madison, Emily and Kendall in the hospital parking garage.

Hospital lobby after we met up with younger brothers Josh and Issac and their two blankets.

Just passed off the blankets to the pediatric unit and feeling good!

Alexis came home from church last week and said that her Primary counselor gave an inspirational lesson on service and how each one of us should try and find more ways to serve. She took it to heart and asked if she could organize a service project. She decided to make blankets for the pediatric unit at our local hospital. Each child admitted is given a blanket to help him/her with the trauma of separation and fear of being in the hospital. She wanted to invite a few friends to help. They all got together after school yesterday and made fleece blankets with cute little teddy bears tucked inside to poke his head out. (I was forbidden to help except to give verbal advise). The younger siblings got on board too and they managed to get seven blankets finished. We took them down to the hospital last night. The kids were thrilled to complete the project and we had a great discussion about helping people in need we likely will never meet. I'm grateful for a thoughtful daughter who is willing to break out on her own and get things done. Love that kid!

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