Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Katie and her friends, Zoe and Nellie at Zoe's Halloween party.

Super Girl Katie at recess right before her classroom Halloween party. "Up, up...and away!"

Alexis planned her 5th grade (all three classes!) Halloween party. Here she is manning the "Gross Out" bags. I think this one is "Vampire Guts" (slimy spaghetti). She's such the Martha Stewart of pre-teens!

The four-foot wooden Jack-O-Lantern beanbag toss I made over 10 years ago. STILL use it every October. JD told me at the time that I was going "way overboard and we'll never use this again!..."

This is EVAN! He is a stickman. He wore a black sweatsuit and we hot-glued glow sticks on his sweats.

I took these in the garage with all the lights off. You can't even see that's a person! The party he wore this to eventually sent the kids on a scavenger hunt. No one lost Evan! He was easy to spot in the street. Safety first!

Alexis and Katie at the ward Trunk-or-Treat Saturday night right before they hit the street trick-or-treating. So cute. They got a haul!

This year, Halloween fell on a Sunday. That's bad news for people like us who want to keep Sunday as a day of rest and one free from the things of the world on the Sabbath. When we lived in Ohio, the same thing happened but the entire state moved Halloween and trick-or-treating to Saturday! There were lots of different religions and none of them wanted to participate in the holiday Sunday. Not so much here in Washington. *sigh* Oh well, we just did LOTS of things on Friday and Saturday instead.

Katie had a friend's party one night. Katie and Alexis had parties at school. Both girls went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat and later went trick-or-treating at church members' home. Evan went to a boy/girl party (yikes!), Derek played in his high school football game and then went to a Halloween party and the next night a Stake church dance. Everyone had good times.

Here are a few pictures of all the fun at the different events. There are no pictures of Derek because he couldn't stand to be in a photo that may go out into cyberspace. He wore a pair of Katie's fairy wings and thought that was a hilarious get-up for a church dance. JD was horrified it would be considered cross-dressing. What?! Dorky, yes. Cross-dressing? Not so much. Rest assured, Dad, that it did not prevent him from slow dancing (NEVER fast dancing--WAY too much to ask) with girls all night long. Ladies loved the wings.

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