Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Birthdays

Dad and his friend, Marge, as he opens his gifts.

Alexis and a giant sombero.

It fits Grandpa just a little better!

My sister, Lisa, and brother, Todd.

My sister, Lynne.

Katie and Lynne's mother-in-law, Jackie. We like to call her Miss Jackie.

Evan and Derek being "cool" AGAIN.

JD trying to avoid the camera.

Me. I'm not shy!

Our traditional cake of choice: Fresh BANANA! I got so excited about cutting it that I forgot we hadn't taken a picture of it.

The birthday kids: Alexis and Grandpa.

My family from the Seattle area met us about half-way in Chehalis the other day for lunch at Azteca Mexican Restaurant where we celebrated my dad, Richard's, birthday as well as Alexis' 11th. They are the only two fall birthdays so we try and meet up to celebrate those together. With soccer and everyone's work schedules, we finally found a date that worked for all. Happy Birthday, Dad and Alexis! Now that's all the parties for this kid! Sheesh. That's FOUR!

P.S. Pardon the lousy pictures. They were taken with JD and my cell phones. Forgot a camera!

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