Monday, January 24, 2011


Evan at the old allergist getting a breathing treatment. FOR WHAT?!!

At the new allergist where NOTHING but a sensitivity to dust (bottom left) comes up in the testing. As you can see, Evan is not in anaphylactic shock or pain due to the dust tests.

Last year, we brought Evan into the pediatrician for his yearly bronchitis and sinus infection. Everyone in our family gets them at least once a year. The pediatrician said that it might be due to allergies in Evan, so we had him tested by a specialist. The allergist came back with alarming news: Evan was allergic to over 40 things, including chicken and Buck the Dog. Also, he was deathly allergic to dust mites (was 3 points away from anaphylactic shock) and is suffering from asthma. What?! I said, "But the kid is a four-sport athlete and we've never had ANY breathing problems before?" The doctor said it isn't that uncommon, but that he was recommending shots immediately. What kind of parent was I?! This news devastated me to the core and I profusely apologized to Evan for neglecting his health. We got him into the shot regimen immediately and regular allergist check-ups.

One year later, I was due to have his allergies checked again. Nothing had changed in his health and he even got his yearly bronchitis. I waited for the allergist (as I had done MANY times) for nearly 2 HOURS in the waiting room before he emerged and spent 3 1/2 minutes (I timed it) telling me Evan was the same. I calmly explained to the doctor that I would not be returning due to his lack of respect for my time and that I would like my records changed. He argued with me about staying with the practice. We walked out.

I made the appointment with another allergist in Vancouver and brought Evan's records with us. The new doctor walked in and said, "I'm not sure how to tell you this, but your kid doesn't have allergies." Needless to say, I had Evan RETESTED only to find out that he's sensitive to dust and I should put allergy covers over his mattress and pillow. That's it? Yes. That's it. No 40 things, no chicken (that included bouillon, broth and nuggets), no anaphylactic shock, no asthma. We put that kid through three shots a day three days a week for a YEAR?!

We are beyond upset and are considering legal action. What about our time, money and trouble? To cap it all off, the old doctor has called me four times at the house trying to get me to return to the practice and even left me a message telling me that "it would not be in my best interest to go to another practice." WHAT?! Stalking me in a somewhat threatening manner?

Stay tuned for the rest of the story...

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