Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas activities

Katie is in the front row right at her feet.

Alexis and Katie were asked to help with the ward's Christmas program. The primary was in charge and decided to do a musical reading of "The Night Before Christmas." Our Primary President, Sis. Payne, read the story. Katie was one of the children in the choir and Alexis held the storybook pages. They had to wear their pajamas and they thought that was a little weird. It turned out pretty cute though.

Evan and his friend Ethan at Zoo Lights. It was FREEZING. Ethan showed up in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Someone pitied him and finally gave him a coat.

Evan's in the back with the trumpet.

Evan and his middle school band (he plays trumpet) took their annual trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland for the Zoo Lights event. The zoo is open in the evening and it is decorated with all Christmas lights. Various clubs and groups perform musical numbers. Derek did it when he was in the eighth grade too. JD went as a chaperone this year since I was busy helping Derek's high school wrestling team get ready to host their first wrestling tournament.

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