Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Katie and Alexis (aka SCHOOL-SKIPPERS!) with sleepy Santa.
Katie hauling a big one outta the woods.
The girls thought this was the cutest pony ever. He IS pretty cute!
Alexis fixing to get trampled by the goat herd.

This Christmas, we couldn't find ONE day that all the kids were off from sports, church or other responsibilities or activities. Can you believe that?! I wanted to just get all of us together for one stinkin' day to go cut down the Christmas tree at the local tree farm. It doesn't take long and we always have a good time.

By the second Monday in December, I had had it. I went up to the school, checked out my daughters and took them up to the tree farm. Of course, NO ONE was there, because every other responsible parent had their children in school. I figured it was only elementary school and they're already pretty smart, so I couldn't possibly be damaging them too much. We found a few trees for the house (albeit kind of shabby trees--I didn't have the energy or heart to tell them the trees weren't perfect) and hauled them down the hill. We even found a moment to visit Santa (he's quite old and we actually had to wake him up) as well as his reindeer (okay, they're goats and Shetland ponies)!

All in all, it got me what I wanted: Christmas trees and pictures. SUCCESS!

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