Monday, January 24, 2011

Derek Varsity Wrestling 2010-11

Let the games begin!

Ohh! Getting ready to throw this kid around...

Already had the pin within first 30 seconds.

THAT'S how its done! :) My kid was a beast this match.

So far, "The Boy," as JD has called Derek since he was born, has done quite well in his favorite sport this year. At this point, he is undefeated in district at 160 pounds and just placed in his last two big tournaments. No bad for a sophomore. We're a little frustrated with the program and coaching, but have to stay quiet to keep the peace and support our kid. Derek loves the sport so much we're just happy he is having individual success. JD coaches him each dual (one school against another) and at the tourneys (multiple schools) too. His coach may be bothered, but JD isn't going to stop coming and Derek really wants his dad with him.

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