Sunday, November 6, 2016

Elder Derek Troy is in the house!

WOW!  I haven't posted on this blog for over FIVE YEARS?!  My goodness, has a LOT happened and how these kids have grown!!!!...

Well, it's finally here!  On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Derek and dropped him off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). He's off to serve a mission for the LDS Church the next two years. He's assigned to the Houston Texas mission and is pretty excited!  He will be at the MTC for two weeks and then will fly to Houston, Texas. 
It's been a tough journey getting here after being hit by a car on his motorcycle, bit by a rattlesnake, tearing his ACL and a myriad of other strange events the last few years. But he has persevered!!  Heck, on the night before he was supposed to leave and be set apart as a missionary, his car broke down and we had to tow him from the desert into town.  Finally was set apart at 10:00 pm that night.  What a loving Stake President.
We have yet to hear from him, but anticipate it will be in the next few days.  We are planning to write him an email each Sunday evening so that he has our emails on P-Day (his preparation day—where he does laundry, grocery shop, leisure time).  He will be at the MTC for the next 2 weeks and then will arrive in Houston.  He can receive emails (only sees them once a week) and also regular post letters and packages while he’s at the MTC.  Here is the information for him for the next two weeks.  After the two weeks, I’ll send the NEW Houston address where you can send postal mail and packages:

MTC MAILING ADDRESS:  (regular postal letters and packages)

Elder Derek Allen Troy
Texas Houston Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N. 900 East
Provo, UT  84602

EMAIL ADDRESS:  (emails only)

Just some advice...during his two year service, please address him as "Elder Troy" rather than "Derek." You'll find that he signs everything "Elder Troy."  Also, all email, letters and packages should include uplifting and supportive messages that will help him to stay focused on his mission and his service to the people of Texas.  A mission is hard work and sometimes lonely.  Please write him!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has loved and helped him along his way. We especially thank his wonderful grandparents, extended family and faithful, special friends.  Without your love and support, we can't imagine his blessed life.  We appreciate and love you so much!   

JD and Derek before his endowment at the St. George temple.  What a wonderful day!
All the Troy family at the St. George temple. Missing Evan (he had class and bball practice at BYU).  Rock family is in Washington state, so they couldn't be there.

Goodbyes to his sisters.
Just a few daddy tears...
Kelleen, Terri, Oma and Opa selfie waiting for Derek's interview.

Derek and Kelleen.  Last hug!  :)

He's Elder Troy now!
Saying goodbye to his Opa.
Manly handshake and some advice.
Oma and Opa.  Someone is trying NOT to cry!
Loading the bags.
Elder Derek Allen Troy

Taking a nap on the 4 hour drive to the MTC.

Still NOT tired...

Lunch with Evan.

Saying goodbye to his "little" brother.

Proud mama and VERY happy Elder. 
Checking in.

Yup, it's all there!

Time to go.  *sniff*

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