Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Y'all wanna plate a food?!...."

Here is the latest letter from Elder Troy!  His address is below.  If you're doing Christmas cards this year, please include him in yours!!  :)


Hey everybody!

I flew to TX this last week. It's been wild!

We really are in the bible belt now. I'm in a wealthy suburban area just north of Houston this transfer, called Spring. My companion is Elder Vickers. He's been here a year and is the ZL for our zone, and is a great Elder! I'm sure I'll learn a lot with him.  Our apartment has a nice gym area and I get to lift every day. I'm gonna come home swole!

Apparently one of our other areas in the mission, called Melbourne, is super sketchy. I've been hearing about it all week. There's a little part of me hoping to get transferred there in the future? Its reputation precedes it.

We run into all kinds of interesting people here who want to talk about religion and politics. We just talked to a lady a minute ago who told us her husband invented weather radar, and they murdered him and framed her so that the government could use the technology for mind control. Her son - Ben Affleck - betrayed them and is being hunted down as we speak. See? I'm learning lots!

On a more serious note, while we were out knocking doors the day after thanksgiving, we ran into an interesting family. The door was answered by a friendly woman in her late twenties, before a man in his forties came to the door to say they weren't interested. As he was closing the door, his wife yelled from the next room - "Y'all wanna plate a food?" And of course Elder Vickers obliges and we head in.

They were having a second thanksgiving, and apparently this lady - Sister Jugon - had been around missionaries before. They fed us really well, including some good 'ol crawfish casserole. Then sister Jugon's mom showed up, and as it turns out, is a temple endowed member in a local ward!

I don't know what message the Lord intends for us to bring them, but I'm excited to find out!

We have another couple that was just referred to us yesterday. They're a deaf couple, and the wife has brain cancer. I'm not sure if it's terminal, but when is brain cancer not?
We actually happen to have a deaf Elder in our mission, and I'm SUPER excited to bring the comfort and peace of the gospel and the truth of the eternal nature of families to them in their crisis.

I want to bear my testimony to you all of the power of the atonement and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Every day I see someone whose life was healed by the gospel.

I'll be at 26325 Northgate Crossing BLVD, #1510, Spring, TX, 77373 for the rest of this transfer for anyone who wants to mail me there.

Elder Troy

Ezekiel 37:16-27

Dinner with the Jurgon family the day after Thankgiving. 

Day one in Texas

Straight off the plane!

Out into the warm, Texas weather.

Dinner with Pres. and Sister Mortensen

Elder Troy and his companion Elder Vickers

Thanksgiving lunch

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