Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Houston Bound--YEEEEEEHAW!

Hello all!  Here is the latest letter from Elder Troy!

Since he is flying out tomorrow to Houston, he’ll have a new address.  I’ll forward that on to you all as soon as I receive it.  His email address will remain the same for all of the two years.

Please keep the emails coming to him!  He appreciates all of them, even if he isn’t able to write back personally to each one.  The holidays can be lonely when you’ve never been away from family before.  Emails, letters and packages are welcome and soooooo appreciated!

Thank you for your continued support of him and his efforts!

Much love,

(P.S.  I LOVE THE PICTURES, don't you?!) 


It has been a big week at the MTC. My last week! And my only full week as a ZL. I leave the MTC tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM. 

We had a double group of incoming elders this week because of thanksgiving. So we had 16 new elders instead of 8 and 8 new sisters instead of 4. Having 24 brand new missionaries in the zone was interesting, especially since we also just got a new branch president too!

Unfortunately, he too is more of a hug than a handshake guy, haha!

I learned a lot this week.

There's a sister in my district who has turned in her mission papers some six times and been turned down every time until now for serious and chronic health reasons. Instead of going out to the field this week, she goes home tomorrow for an indeterminate time until she is well enough to go. I hope to someday have as much of a gratitude to be here as she does.

I feel like Elder Chamberlain and I finally got into the groove with our actor-investigators! I'm really excited to take what I've learned out into the field. It's so cool to see how specifically the spirit will guide you when you pray to know what to say and to be edified.

This week I've been focusing a lot on sanctifying myself with sacrifice. I've given the Lord two years, and given up so much else when I got here. But I still feel like I have more I ought to give! Hopefully I'll come to understand what is missing soon.

I love you all at home, in Washington State and St George!


Elder Derek Troy

 I sent him a care package in the MTC with snacks, junk and this Thanksgiving headband.  So glad he's getting some use out of it!  His companion, Elder Chamberlain, looks a little concerned at his turkey impression and may wonder what he's gotten himself into...

Temple Day - Provo, Utah Temple

Artist's rendering of District 43.  No sure who the artist is, but it's awesome!

Why so serious?...NOT!

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