Monday, January 2, 2017

Don't let an hour pass you by...

Here's Elder Troy's latest email.  Looks like he still hasn't received his own iPad.  Hopefully next week?  It's good to hear his voice in this video.  Must have been a little sightseeing tour to see Christmas lights around town.  If this doesn't play again on the blog, please visit the Facebook page instead.  Don't know how to fix it.

Please continue writing and praying for him.  He told me to tell all of you THANK YOU for the gifts and emails at Christmas.

We appreciate and love you!

JD & Terri & Family

Hey y'all!

This week has been pretty quiet. I did accidentally discover someone's crack pipe. We were helping them move their yard sale out of the rain and a nice blue glass crack pipe fell out of a tool chest it had been hidden in. Whoops! Never know what treasures you may find at a yard sale.

Also, get Crocked! I've been mastering crock pot cooking these last few weeks and do some mean pulled chicken tacos now.

Speaking of food, this week we got to eat some authentic Boudin (Boo-Dan) from an African-American market at a member's house. Good stuff! They sure know how to eat here.

I'd like to share a brief quote from a book I received for Christmas:

"Cynicism is an intellectual cop-out, a crutch for a withered soul, a thin excuse for inaction and retreating commitment. Do not become cynical about government or education or civic affairs or religion or the human race or the time in which you live. Do on the other hand, be appropriately concerned and actively involved."

- Jeffery R Holland “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall”: A Look at the “Me Decade”

Never forget how precious and significant this life we have is. Never waste a second when there is something better you could be doing. Our lives are not counted in Eons or millennia, but in years. We are lucky to see 100. They say becoming an expert in something takes 10,000 hours. So don’t let an hour pass you by.

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