Monday, January 9, 2017

SNOW?! In TEXAS??? Whaaaat?


Here is Elder Troy’s latest letter.  Short-n-sweet, huh?  He’s obviously busy and working hard!  

He’s been out about 7 weeks now in Texas.  After 8 weeks he’ll get his own iPad and will take more pics.  After 12 weeks he’s likely going to be transferred to another location and have a different companion.  Right now he’s still with Elder Vickers.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers and don’t forget to email him once in a while.  Can’t promise he’ll email back every week, but he sure loves getting emails and U.S. Mail.  Here’s his address again if you feel the need to write.  (he loves odd socks—WHO gave him the reindeer socks?!—and when the mailbox is full!)

We love you!

JD, Terri & Family

P.S.  Anyone else get the crack about not sending warm clothes think that was directed at Mom?  I kind of wanted to send him warmer clothes but three days after their 21 degree day, it was 79!  Enjoy the video of him shivering.  Haha.

Elder Derek Allen Troy
26325 Northgate Crossing Blvd., Apt. #1510
Spring, TX  77373

NOTE:  The video is posted on the Facebook account and in the group email, but not on here.  Sorry!


Hey all! 

It actually snowed here in Houston this week! I looked it up and it turns out we hit a low of 21 F. Apparently that's pretty cold for TX! I'm told it has only snowed in Houston 34 times since 1895.

With the high humidity, that made tracting pretty uncomfortable if I'm honest, haha! That’s probably the coldest I'll be on my mission though - it was very unusual!  Note: That is not a request for anyone to send me warm clothes.

We hit another record this week for sacrament meeting attendance - our goal is to get the ward split!

Not much else going on here presently. I love you all! 

Going on a mission will never be the wrong decision - for anyone wondering if they should go.


-Elder Troy

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