Monday, January 16, 2017

Lots-o-teachin' going on here!

Hey Everybody! Sorry the contact has been so weak the last couple of weeks. I'll be getting a tablet on wednesday, so I'll be able to read emails at any time during the week and be able to send more emails with better pictures every week.

This week was awesome! On exchanges, Elder Pablo (from another area) and I were in our area (Spring) and found four new people! That doesn't happen much in this area. One is a family of four (three baptismal aged) I'm really excited to teach!

The other is Jean Paul. I was SO excited for Jean Paul! I got my first chance to extend a 'soft' baptismal invitation with him. Basically it's 'if you come to know these things are true, will you be baptised'? And he accepted! If we can keep teaching him I'm confident we can baptise him. However, now we're having a hard time getting ahold of him. What the heck!? We're finding people and teaching them like crazy, but they never keep their appointments!

We also went to an indoor climbing gym today for P-Day. The first cool P-Day thing we've done!

Hope all is well in sunny St. G and snowy Washington.

'til next week!

Elder Derek Troy

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