Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

After watching conference, we got ready for Easter dinner. Conference was great and so uplifting. We loved the fact that it was on Easter Sunday so we were doubly blessed by hearing from the prophet and also celebrating our Savior and the Resurrection.

Dinner was our usual fare of ham, potatoes, etc. The deviled Easter eggs were particularly yummy! The missionaries (both from North Carolina--coincidentally) joined us for dinner and then a few friends came over for our annual Easter Egg Hunt in the yard. The teenage Easter Bunnies hid all the eggs for us. This year we went a LITTLE overboard as there were probably 200+ eggs. The bunnies were very tired of planting eggs in the yard when it was all done. Everyone gathered in the entryway for the kickoff.

The missionaries scored two of three prized "Golden Eggs" (they have $5 in them) and the kids were bummed. Guess the missionaries needed it more? As you can see, everyone had a great time. We ended the evening with cakes and pies and general goofing off at the house.

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