Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Camping

I hate to see a perfectly free and clear week go to waste with the kids and NO SCHOOL, so we loaded up the trailer, all the fishing gear and enough junk food to feed a small army and headed into the woods for a few days of camping. JD had to work so he wasn't able to go with us although he did come up to camp at night since we were only a little over an hour away from home. I've never pulled the trailer before and honestly, I was a bit white-knuckled on the way there. I demanded complete silence from all four kids until we at least hit the freeway. If they so much as breathed heavy I was freaked out. After a while I was much more relaxed and even enjoyed the experience. I connected and disconnected the truck and trailer and even hooked up the water and electricity at the campground ALL BY MYSELF! The only thing I was unable/unwilling to do was empty the toilet/poo tank. I had images of Robin Williams

in the movie "RV" where he is trying to empty the septic tank and it spews sewage all over him. So, I waited until we got home and JD helped me. Not too bad. I'll try it on my own since I am taking the trailer to Utah this summer with the kids for a week and no one will be there to help me then. All in all, it was a fun few days. Anytime we get to spend time together with no TV, phone or fighting, it's a great time. Where else will a 15 year play card games with a 10 year old? Even though the weather wasn't perfect and we didn't catch any fish, it was well worth it.

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