Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Baseball Tourney

Arrgh. Nothing like starting out baseball season with 43 degree weather in the pouring rain! After we came back from camping, Evan began a four-day baseball tournament in a neighboring town. Although his own team wasn't participating, Evan was invited by another team in his league to join them for the tourney. It was made up almost entirely of their all-star team, so they were strong. In fact, no other team came within 7-8 runs in any game. There was 12 teams in total. Evan didn't play as much as he would usually since it wasn't his core team (and we will begin competing AGAINST this team in another week!), but he had a strong tournament anyway. He had a home run and two triples (both hit the fence) as well as great fielding moments at catcher. The videos below are the last pitch to win the championship (Evan is the catcher) and the awards ceremony (Evan is in the front in the blue jacket who smooches the trophy--cheeseball...)

WARNING: There is a loud "WHOOO!" in each of the videos from a crazed fan that could be irritating and/or obnoxious. was me. I forgot how close the microphone is on this camera. Sorry! :)

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