Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Newest Driver

Circa 2001

2010, Baby!!

When did we go from driving a bike to this?! Well, it's true. Our little boy, Derek, 15, now has his driver's permit. Tomorrow he begins real driver's education classes (no longer taught in the high school, darn it!) So far I have been the only one to take him out on the road, but surely JD will step in and do it too. I have to say, he's done very well and only once have I feared for my safety (he gets a little too close to the parked cars as we pass them). To my credit, I think I'm a pretty good teacher and don't get bugged by things, nor do I raise my voice or talk down to him. He's mature anyway, so it wouldn't do much good. For now, I'd keep small children, the elderly and animals off the Longview streets.

By the way, I snapped these last pictures of him at a red light. He said, "Mom! You're making me a distracted driver!"

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