Monday, April 5, 2010

Native American Art Project

Every year our fourth graders are given the task of creating a Native American art scene. They have several months of instruction and education in class and are then asked to create something they learned about. This is Alexis' project. It is a family scene with mothers and their children (there used to be a longhouse made from popsicle sticks, but it didn't make it on the bus ride home--sadly) My favorite part is the fish (you can't see them, but the fish have red "x"s on their eyes to signify that they are, in fact, dead--Derek thought that was a bit morbid) that are drying while the woman tends the crepe paper and toothpick fire. I also like the baby. She made all the things from clay, baked them and painted it. I tried to help her, but she wouldn't let me. Thank goodness, as I probably couldn't have done any better than this! We think she did a GREAT job and are anxiously awaiting her grade on it.

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