Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ask not what your candy bar...

can do for you, but rather, what can you do for a candy bar!

Katie was one of three third-graders selected to campaign for the Cowlitz County Voters Association. They were coming in the schools to help children gain an understanding of how the political process works.

Each of the three campaign managers was asked to represent a candy bar. One was M&Ms, one was Milky Way and Katie's was 3 Musketeers. They had a minute or two to talk about why their classmates should vote for their candy bar as the favorite.

We talked about how she should approach it and did a little research on the internet about 3 Musketeers facts. It's lower in fat, fluffy, etc. She even asked her dad to run out the night before and buy all the kids a Funsize 3 Musketeers so they could experience it. She then used this to try and persuade her classmates into voting for her candy bar.

In the end, M&Ms was the favorite (who doesn't LOVE colorful chocolate candies?!) Katie lost by eight votes (of 90 kids). Apparently, Milky Way, didn't even get a vote! Oh well. It was a good experience for her to get out of her comfort zone and speak publicly. I wasn't there, but the school took these pictures and it appears she did just fine with her shyness.

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