Monday, March 14, 2011

YM/YW Cookoff at Mutual

Evan and the other Deacons whipping up pancakes topped with mango and bananas served with orange juice.

The Laurels finishing their ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Derek and the Teachers beginning to prepare their English muffin pepperoni pizzas.

The Beehives relaxing after serving their Alfredo noodles garnished with fresh cilantro.

The MiaMaids putting the finishing touches on their chicken noodle soup.

The teenagers at church recently had an Iron Chef cookoff on Mutual night. Each class or quorum was given $5.00 and told to make the best edible item they could. Points were given for taste, budget (had to stay under $5.00--extra points for cheap!), appearance, etc. The bishopric judged them all. When it was all said and done, the Laurels and Priests tied for 1st place. Derek was NOT happy his delicious pizzas didn't win. Pretty funny to see what they came up with and the kids had a great time!

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