Monday, March 14, 2011

The Theatre

Introducing: Katie and Alexis...actresses! Katie uncomfortable in her short dress.

"But what do you MEAN you can't come to my party?!..."

Screenwriter Alexis working out the script.

The girls got bored and decided to put on a show for me and JD. The script was original and the actresses were top notch. Alexis did the play to pass off something in her Faith in God book. It was about a girl (Alexis) who was invited to a party on Sunday by a girl (Katie) she really liked. Katie wore a short dress that she thought was a good costume for a girl who didn't understand church yet. She prefaced the play with the disclaimer (yes, really), "Some images may be disturbing to viewers...." It was very well acted in my very own bedroom. Pictures are a bit raw from my phone camera, but the acting was DIVINE! :)

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