Monday, March 14, 2011

Jump Rope For Heart

Katie's poster. Her heart's jumprope lit up from behind! Fancy...

Alexis and her poster. Her poster is hard to see, but the girl is paper-mache that "pops" out 3D style.

Sarah, Alexis & Katie dressed and ready to jump!

Have their game faces ON! (good thing we have an ample supply of face paints)

Once again, the girls participated in the Jump Rope For Heart campaign to raise awareness and funds for the American Heart Association at their school. Part of the event involves the kids decorating posters to promote it. Alexis won the Grand Prize in 3rd and 4th grades. Katie has not won anything until...this year! Katie took 1st place in the 3rd grade and Alexis won an unprecendented third time for the Grand Prize! There was some talk that Katie would beat Alexis this year, but it was not to be. Congrats to BOTH girls. Love to have everyone win something. :)

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