Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Severed heads and hanging horns

Evan's buck looking at him from his bed.

"You kiiiiiiiillllled meeeeeee...."

Derek's horns, sans wrestling garb.

All decked out with wrestling awards.

Shortly after the boys both brought home their first bucks, I brought the severed heads to the taxidermist. Here are the finished results. Pretty nice, but creepy, if you ask me.

Evan thought so too and wondered if the buck was saying, "You kiiiiiiillllllled meeeeee...." in the middle of the night. He hung his mount on his bedroom wall and for the first few nights, was nervous that the buck was looking at him across the room at night. He's since gotten over that, thankfully.

Derek immediately hung his antlers in his room and is currently using them as a display for his wrestling awards. He didn't want to mount the head because he thought he'd get a bigger one later and would want to mount that instead. Wishful thinking! :)

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