Monday, March 14, 2011

Daddy Daughter Ball 2011

Official Alexis/Daddy photo

Official Katie/Daddy photo

Katie all dolled up for her date with Daddy.

Katie showing off her fabulous hair jewels and fancy flower. No makeup for her. She told me, "I like the natural look."

Katie and Daddy off to the ball! JD is pretty cute too...

Alexis is finally ready. She will meet Daddy at the restaurant and switch places with Katie for the 2nd session of the ball.

Showcasing her hair glitter and jewels in her self-described "messy" bun.

So grown up. *sigh* (Doesn't she look like my mom, Monica?!)

Each year the girls dress up in their finest formal dress, do their nails, hair and makeup and then set out for a night with their dad. Of course the girls love it, but so does JD. It's quite a big deal around these parts and one we always plan for. This year's theme was "From Sea to Shining Sea--Across America." The D.J. and dancing was great as were the refreshments and decorations. Can't wait 'til next year.

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