Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boys, boys, boys!

Arrgh...13 skinny twelve-year-old boys converged on our house this week to celebrate Evan's 12th birthday. Evan is the one in the red and blue pineapple shorts. Of course, his birthday was in MAY (nice planning, Mom), but with all-star baseball and everyone's vacations, we couldn't find a spare day. (Un)fortunately for us, this past Tuesday was the day. Everyone seemed have a good time just swimming and wrestling around. That night they "ding-dong ditched" the cute teenage girl down the street and were chased off into the night by her high school football coach father. Ahhh, good times. Even with all the noise, things were going well until they sneaked into the pool at midnightish (sorry, neighbors!) and they were busted and forced to the rec room with the lights off and ESPN lulling them to sleep. The next morning we fed (and fed and fed and fed) them with Super Waffles, eggs and sausage. I can't believe how much teenage boys eat! We had to BBQ twice that night--once at 5 and again at 9. Staggering the amount of food they put away. We love Evan, but this is his last mass group sleepover. These boys are way too big now! Happy Birthday, Evan!!

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