Friday, August 21, 2009

First time bowlers

All the gang!
Ever feel like you're being watched?
Not our happiest bowlers (ie, lowest scores)

"Ahhh, bummer! I thought I had that one!"

Alex willing the ball to lean the other way. The ball won.
Good form, John. We especially like that fancy backstepping motion!

We decided to take everyone bowling after the opening ceremonies. The Cranston boys said they had never been bowling with real bowling balls, just something called Duckpin Bowling where they use a smaller balls with no finger holes and short, stubby pins (apparently big on the east coast and RI). They were excited to try something new! We piled everyone into the cars and headed down to the Triangle Bowl for a late night game. We invited another host family, the Brumbaughs, to join us and their two Cranston kids. It was very fun to see them try it, but more fun to see how mad JD and Derek get when they bowl. We Troys are WAY too competitive! P.S. Terri won and Katie was in second! Girl power!

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