Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Team Cranston!

Evan and Derek explaining the finer points of fishing, as well as pool and spa jumping.
John trying to warm up (or cool down?)
Buck has found a new friend (and handy back scratcher) in Alex.
John and Alex

This week our hometown is hosting the 15 year old Babe Ruth World Series. That means 10 teams from around the country will be here for nearly two weeks through pool and bracket play. We decided to host a few of the players, but didn't know where they were going to be coming from. Drumroll are our players!...John Razzino and Alex Moretti, from Cranston, Rhode Island! Cranston is the New England Regional Champions. John plays shortstop (Evan's position too!) and Alex is their 3rd baseman. They are a bit jet-lagged, but otherwise seem to be doing great and are very polite. We kept them up a little late last night with our famous hot tub vs. pool jumping. They might be tired, but will probably beat the jet-lag faster that way. Tonight is the home run derby and family BBQ. Rumor is that John may be Cranston's selection for the derby. We'll cross our fingers!!! I think JD is taking the four boys fishing tomorrow night after the game. Alex and John heard all about the steelhead fish in the local rivers. Friday is their first game against Kelso, Wa. We don't know too many kids on that Kelso team, so we'll be rooting for Cranston and our guests. When they play the Longview team next week, we'll have a hard time choosing sides since lots of Derek's friends are on that team. Decisions, decisions! Guess we'll cheer for both!

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  1. Great pictures, Terri! Love seeing Alex! I told him to pack a bathing suit but you know how they are! I'm not surprised your dog has found a friend in him - Alex loves dogs and I'm glad he'll have a "surrogate pet" while he is away. I can't thank you both enough for your wonderful hospitality. It's such a relief to know he is in such good care while he is so far away from home. I love that I can see what they are up to from your site. Thanks again and we'll talk soon!