Monday, August 17, 2009

Wild Waves

The mighty hunter and his "kill."
Ahh. Poor Terri came up empty-handed...
Yikes! Don't fall off the boat!
"I dare this wall of water to get ME wet..."

JD and I finally got away for a much-needed vacation--ALONE! We don't go away as often as we'd like or as we should, so we try and squeeze a lot into each time. This anniversary we decided to try a vacation without planning. HARD for me. Without any plans or hotel rooms, we headed out of town. The first thing we tried was white-water rafting. Note to future rafters: The front paddlers get wet, very wet. Also, the river water was freezing, but the company was great! We had a ball going down the McKenzie River in southwestern Oregon. This river is only a class two but had a few class three dives (VERY FUN). Next time we do this we'll try a class three for a little more excitement. Another day we rented a boat and fished for trout. JD caught three! I got skunked but loved watching JD reel 'em in! The highlight was our lake picnic aboard the boat. The bad news about the trip is that we are now addicted to IHOP's Hawaiian pancakes with bananas and Macadamia nuts. Darned those IHOP people! BAD. Very BAD!! So bad we had them TWO days in a row (just thinking about them now makes my mouth water). Big thanks to JD's mom, Donna, for having the kids stay with her the whole time. With snorkeling, swimming, golfing, hiking and fishing, they had as much fun as we did!

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