Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun, fun, fun in the sun

Alexis isn't sure it was such a good idea to come with over 25 boys and only 2 girls...
Super Swimmer Katie doesn't care WHO is in the pool--she's in there!
Evan and Alex fishing on the Brill's little lake.
Katie wrestling John for a pool toy. Looks like he's gonna win.
John, a teammate and Evan playing some hoops between food breaks.
"Look what I got, Ma!" Alex displaying the catch of the day.
Derek's in the background putting another pole together and
"releasing" more of the catfish brought in.

Our Longview Babe Ruth team (also in the quarter finals!!) hosted a party for all their team and parents and invited the Cranston team and parents. With swimming, volleyball, crochet, fishing, basketball and LOTS of food, the kids had a great time. Derek served as the official "catch and release" man and loaded up the poles for the kids. Our friends have 37 acres of wonderful property and were nice enough to invite us all up for the day. Wore out our welcome and stayed until after 7, but the Cranstonites thought it was too fun to leave. Thanks, Brills!

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