Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Car 19, we have a situation here..."

Must have been good--there's none left.
You can see the police lights behind the car.
Alex is clearly appreciating Evan and Derek's pork product jokes
from the backseat while John offers a comment or two.

After the boys game (they lost), we took them out for pizza at Pietro's. For those of you who grew up with Pietro's you KNOW what I'm talking about. It was the best! Especially when my Uncle Dave was the manager at the Auburn store and we'd get free pizza. Loved it. Anyway, had some pie and then headed out. Shortly after starting home, we were followed by a policeman. We weren't speeding and all was well. Imagine our surprise to see the party lights behind us! Arrgh! He approached the car and said our registration tabs were expired. What?! Guess JD is right that we need to go through the paperwork in the bill box, huh? While he checked my SQUEAKY CLEAN driver's license, the kids in the back thought it would be funny to make bacon jokes and some snorting sounds. Real funny, guys. Anyway, he was nice enough to just let us off with a warning. Got the new tabs the next day so we shouldn't have anymore incidents that require law enforcement.

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